A Transforming Map zine thing I made

Howdy! Here’s a map I created for an adventure featuring an old lich’s lair and the same lair but repurposed into an underground research facility a century later. Still haven’t released the zine version of this but thought y’all would find it neat.

The adventure has the party stuck in a time flux in the modern lair during the Incident and the old lich’s lair. They have a device that allows them to transform half the lair at any time (though it resets everything, including monsters).

You’ll notice that some of the map parts are closed off in their base layout, or sitting in a dead zone. This is so the party is required to transform the map into different formats to get to different areas (eg. standing in a certain space in an open room on one map where one of those solitary rectangle spaces are and then transforming the map).

Works for the adventure but was also thinking of publishing it with a random dungeon adventure format where you can place Entry/Exit/Teleport or tunnel/Boss/Loot and a list of themes for the different layouts (eg. Mutated Mole-people hive: Left map = Old Lair + Right map = Modern Lair, Gold Mines: Left & Right map = Old Lair, etc.).

Hope y’all dig it! :3 (apologies for the bad video>gif quality…)

Lich Lair New and Old


In an adventure I wrote there is a tower. The PCs visit this tower during three different time periods (randomly assigned) but are unaware of this fact. The tower has three levels.

This format would very much be appropriate to the tower adventure, I think.


Oh sick! That’d be fun to somehow factor in a time shift in a circular tower layout!

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Have you run the Sky-Blind Spire? It has a circular tower as well. Threw me the first time I ran it.