Dungeon idea. Multiple parties

Take or make a generic dungeon. Reuse one you’ve already done and reskin it.


add 4 other adventuring parties exploring it.

The 1 in a million chance. Not only is then another party there’s 4!

roll for their dispositions. Hostile to friendly. Maybe one attacks, one talks, one suggests teaming up!? etc

Have they cleared a room or two? Roll to see if they already got the treasure of some of it?

If you want to add complexity roll to see how they’re exploring the dungeon as the players do.

They could meet up after the initial meet and one or some of them were killed.

They could interact with each other. The players meet both groups and later in the delve find that one group killed the other! Your players come across a room with their bodies stabbed and looted!

Have a big enough dungeon for this but it can have more than normal empty rooms and increase the chance of meeting the other parties.

You can have fun and plan things out. Give the different parties themes, flavor. etc

but this can also be used with minimum prep of rolling to generate them and see what happens!

Not quite what I have been working on but I love this concept.

My latest project has various factions with regions that expand to fill the power vacuum when a faction is defeated. Could be reimagined to be other adventuring parties.