Introduce Yourself!

Hi! I’m Tam; I write small games and hang out and talk games all day. I am also very bad at writing introductions that don’t sound like a bot!

Who are you? :slight_smile:


taichara here. Inveterate lurker who occssionally manages to pop up out of a gopher hole and actually say something (like now, lol).

I mostly post endless tables to my blog these days, but I have a few experiments and jam entries on Itch.


Hi, I’m Tony - designer / illustrator based in Melbourne Australia.
Got bitten by the TTRPG bug about a year ago… and aspiring to do more in this community and space - because the people in it are awesome and really supportive. :star_struck:

Ummm, also struggle with writing and reading due to dyslexia which Is why I lean towards visuals…
The end. :wave:


I’m Yochai.

Uh, I make games sometimes. Like this one. You can read a bit about my development journey here.
Also I like worker cooperatives.

Please be nice to people.


Hello everyone, I am Justin Hamilton. Very excited about this place!

I have been gaming since the 80s, having started briefly with freeform and eventually moved on to my uncle’s BECMI game. I play almost everything, but I have a special love for classic tabletop adventure games, freeform, and super janky fantasy and scifi games. I also work in video games and love chatting about design and engineering.

Super happy to be here with y’all!

edit: Oh yeah and I blog once and a while over on


Hi! I make games, but not like these ultra-humble uber-cool types - I’m still bush league, but learning (thanks, all!). I also run game camps to teach writing skills to kids!


Call me Dan. I am excited to meet you all! :wave:

By day I play with spreadsheets and words. By night I still play with spreadsheets and words, but also dice. This community is such a welcoming group of fun knowledgeable people and I look forward to learning from you all. Let’s have fun practicing kindness and understanding. I dare you to beat my dexterity save for a bag of gold. :wink:


Hi everyone!

I’m Huffa.

I love playing, discussing, riffing on, making and taking apart rpgs of all sorts. And I’m looking forward to doing all of the above here with you all.

In my other life, I spend a lot of time looking at and thinking about art.

I’m hoping to be a part of making this a welcoming, vibrant, and kind spot where we can all inspire and surprise each other with our own particular rpg ideas and fascinations.


Hej! I’m Fred.

I’ve been telling stories with the help of dice for over two decades and only recently I finally decided that I don’t need rulebooks and just make stuff up as I go (the FKR movement helped with that!). I also make used to release games, but nowadays mostly struggle to put my ideas to paper (I am trying tho). Outside of that I also freelance as an graphic designer and am a kind of perpetual foreigner.

Ever since pandemic started I got deep into solo gaming, and love combining different kinds of games into single narratives/experiences. Nowadays I am experimenting a lot with my gaming and hope to write it all down one day so others can also have this type of weird play/fun I am doing.

I love discussing all kinds of game theory (and theory of play!), sharing experiences and learning from others. Ask me about how to play, not game :slight_smile:

Super glad to be here. As much as I like Discord, I prefer forums so much more! Thank you for setting it all up (and kudos to whoever made the logo, I love it!)


Hi y’all
Im boots​:boot::boot:(he/him)
Ive played 100 ttrpgs over the last decade
Please to meet you all
Im just having a look around


I’m Ven, settler who lives, works and plays on the occupied, unceded territories of the Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples, also known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and the Saanich Nation. Anti-capitalist (mostly anarchist but I do love me some Marx) bisexuelle gender nihilist trans woman, been playing ttrpgs since 1994 as a 9 year old full of wonder reading the Rifts: Atlantis sourcebook on a friend’s coffee table that he was borrowing from his GM and excitedly asking what this was and could I join the game. Don’t play Palladium Books stuff anymore and haven’t for a long ass time, but I play everything under the sun and am always trying out new stuff.


xPx checking in. I’m a relentless hacker of rules, meticulous synthesist of dungeons and true lover of maps. Originally started eons ago and have now gotten the band back together and have been playing for the past 3 years. I love to mix small doses of technology to aid my hacks so that they translate effortlessly on the table. Hailing from the northern utopia.


Hi - I’m Jon Hastings. I’ve been playing rpgs, off and on, since the the early 80s. I like playing a wide variety of games, though my preferences lie generally with “older stuff”. (It was the rpg history discussions that inspired my participation on the Discord, although I also love reading about all the hacking and ideas for new stuff as well).


Hi, I’m the Bearded Belgian. I come from Belgium and have a beard. I also make and play games for the kids in my religion class. (I teach protestant religion in primary school.)


Hi, I’m DavidB an artist of the general kind and ttrpg maker, player and runner, thinking about how all this stuff can bring people together and change the world, one blown mind at a time. Suffer from ridiculous levels of hubris, and a surfeit of ernest sincerity. I enjoy meditative, thoughtful adventuring as a way of imagining other worlds and ways of being. My small library of games is here, and my art stuff is here.


I’m mv! Film student based in Belgium. I post stuff on my blog about space and sometimes poetry. Also I got games that are more story game leaning.


Hi! I am Roberto a 37 years old player from Italy.
I’m a data analyst. In my spare time, besides being a role-player, I’m a voracious reader, a movie buff and a cook.
Every morning I go out for a run, every evening I do my vinyasa yoga sequence and (although I stopped for a while alas) I meditate. I am also a convinced seeker of the middle path between Stoicism, Taoism and Buddhism.

I started informally with roleplaying in middle school with gamebooks and diceless freeform games (little more than “let’s pretend” games). I started playing formally in college, nominally D&D 3.5 but in fact a totally freeform version. This left an indelible imprint on me and an allergy to crunchy rulesets.
After a bad experience with some VtM LARPs, I abandoned the hobby for 15 years.

In 2019 I got interested again and discovered Risus and Lasers & Feelings.
I attempted to introduce roleplaying to my regular group of friends with whom we played tabletop games, but pandemic stopped the experiments. At that point, in an effort to find something that could be played online, I discovered OSR and the whole scene went from there. My friends didn’t continue, I did.

My favorite games are Traveller, Risus, Freeform/Universal, and White Box.
I’m also a solo player and really appreciate oracle systems like Mythic.
I am also the only Italian I know who is fascinated by the FKR movement.
I’m part of a group of players dedicated to the translation of free and freely licensed games.
I have also published a few experiments and I recently opened a blog.


Hello everyone, I am Marcus from Germany and dabble in creating games. Been playing since the early 90s and enthusiastic about all kinds of TTRPG. You can find what I do here.. Was a lurker on the NSR Discord. as conversations usually went to fast for me. Very happy there is a more persistent place to talk about roleplaying games. My favourites change a lot as the new shiny must be played. Lucky to have a group that only plays one shots so I get to experience a lot of systems. Looking forward to talk to you all.


Hello! Nikola here.
I started making small games last year. Lookie here.
Hope to start some bigger projects this year.
Fingers crossed!