Introduce Yourself!

Tim here. I’m among the most active users on the NSR Discord that birthed this forum (at least, I’m pretty sure I am—I’d be curious to see how the numbers stack up in terms of sheer quantity of messages).

I think the best introduction to me is probably this post on my blog, which I’ve been told has good “autobiographical vibes.”


Yo, I’m MinorBug. I play rpgs sometimes.


Hey there! I am PresGas (Pronoun: He or E/Em - Pronoun Island: he/him and e/em examples). I host a wiki for the OSRIC SRD:
index [Wiki and Other Goodies]
…but am really interested in getting to know other games and people too! Systems Administrator by day. Hoping to get a blog going soon if I can just finish my nerdy blog engine fork! Many walls I want to knock out, but it has good bones.

On other various places in the Fediverse and hoping to bring up my own node. Direct message me if you are there and want to connect!

Hoping to get to know more people in this slower medium. My day job makes it difficult to keep up with the Discord server.


Hi! Started playing TTRPGs a little over a year ago and now I’m trying to write my own stuff. I don’t know what else to say, hah!


I be Cosmic, the amazing Orrery. A trans woman and wretched United Stater. Im making a discordant pile of different rpg things, posting semi regularly on my blag, and ranting about historical arms, armour, and clothing. Currently making some sort of bestiary. May also have been cruelly bullied into writing down a book of house rules.


The name’s Owen, Waz, O.W., whatever.
A passionate roleplayer, especially as a game master. I like to play a lot of different systems, & to let many schools of thoughts & gaming influence my creative work (I do view my game mastering as a creative endeavor).
New School Revolution is the last school of RPG gaming I discovered, and one that I feel resonates a lot with my own aspirations as a roleplayer. Hence my being here.


Hello! I’m Adam. I’m a UX Designer and Graphic Designer by trade (I made the Cauldron logo) and have a little baby itch page. Currently working on a sci-fi hack of Cairn.


Cigeus here!
I live in the Midwestern US and work as an engineer.
I started out running rules-light story games like Dread, and only really moved into OSR/NSR spaces in 2019. Since then I’ve run a Stars Without Number and a Ultraviolet Grasslands campaign which both lasted around 50 sessions. What can I say, I was bored during Covid.
I have a blog, but I don’t update it enough.


Hi, I’m Sigve Solvaag, though I go by Revenant’s Quill on discord. I have a blog and I make some games, and I also administrate the FKR Collective. I’m really into roleplay, but not so much the systems often associated with them.

Looking forward to posting lots of strange stuff here!


Hello! I’m Tom Van Winkle, in the northeastern USA. I played these games non-stop in the '80s and until the mid-'90s, then stopped as life changed directions. I got interested again recently through my kids. I’m still learning what I missed and it is fun for me to find out. My real-life profession as a historian shapes my approach to games. When I play games now, they tend to be all my own house rules and self-designed kits.


I’m Sam. I run a blog called Dreaming Dragonslayer where I make amateur games, prod ideas, and construct juvenile art. I also run games online for kids via Outschool, usually for youngsters ages 8 to 13. Currently, I’m developing Adventure Hour! the game I’m using for my online game. Find the free rules here.

So glad this Cauldron thing became something more than an idea. Stoked to see who all comes out here to join in on the conversations!


Hello. Perplexing Ruins here. I make pictures and write some things. Always trying to catch up.


Ava. Not your mom. Read Errant or my blog. Don’t read my twitter.


Hello! I’m Alebensform (he/him). I live in the midwestern U.S. I’m in the midst of a career change so don’t have much time for ttrpgs right now but I’m enjoying staying connected a little bit through places like these.

When I get back to it, I’m looking forward to playing more OSE and trying out a bunch of the other big new OSR-adjacent games (ItO, Bastionland, Troika, Mork Borg, TBH). I’m also looking forward to getting back to some GURPS with my brothers and I’ve been dying to find some folks to try out Comrades with.

I’m also looking forward to bringing my new programming skills to gaming by making helper apps.


What’s up!

I’ve designed and illustrated Into the Dungeon: Revived (v2.1 coming soon). Also I have a couple of 5e adventures published at dmsguild couple of years ago [1] [2] [3].

I’m a freelance illustrator and you can check out my stuff here: ArtStation, DeviantArt, including some commissioned artwork for tabletop rpgs and fantasy/scifi books.

On rare occasions when I have free time, I enjoy programming and game development: GitHub,


I’m David, I’m a freelance photonics engineer in Ohio, although I’m currently trying to escape the midwest. I like to brew and ferment things and will talk your ear off about mead if given the opportunity.

I’ve made some RPG things, although I mostly only finish projects that I started as a joke. I also have a blog that rarely gets updated.

I play rules light stuff these days (ITO hacks mostly) but I used to be more heavily into PbtA/FitD style things, and have played a whole lot of different systems over the years.


I’m Brad! I wrote some adventures: Hideous Daylight, Temple of 1000 Swords, Demon Driven to the Maw. I am down to clown!


I’m Xenio, I really love TTRPGs, of all kind.


Greetings all, I am Beeptest (colloquially Beep). I publish (too many) games under the name Nakade and have a blog that I remember exists sometimes here .

P. S. Yes, that is a christmas hat, no, I will not be removing it.


I’m Jesse. I live in Long Beach, California and am a professional mobile game developer by day. I write mostly back-end python code for game management systems, although I have done AI and other Gameplay systems work in C# for Unity.

I am a very emotion driven player and favor games that center characters values, choices and actions: Sorcerer & Burning Wheel are two of my favorite. I’m constantly going on about expressions of vulnerability, honesty and authenticity in play over creativity, cleverness or originality.

I have an immense backlog of personal game design projects that I’m slowly working on polishing and publishing. A few can be found here: Bloodthorn Press. From a design perspective I specialize in gothic aesthetics and psychological thrillers.