Introduce Yourself!

Nickoten here! I’m a freelance editor and while I work mostly on OSR stuff for my own designs, I enjoy talking about and playing just about any kind of TTRPG. A lot of my stuff tries to bring some non-European influences and a lighter tone to the space.

Outside of RPGs, I love writing, film (including production), cooking, Hip Hop and art of all stripes!


I’m chameleon. I’m permanently lost on the road of life, but sometimes I drop in and say something I don’t instantly become ashamed of.

You can find trpg stuff I’ve done on my irregular blog and near-daily bullshit (sometimes rpg related!) on my wiki.


Jedediah here. I’m a fiction writer, and I’ve been playing and designing games since the late 80s—though only in the last few years have I started putting some designs out into the world.

I’m editor at Ninepin Press (we publish interactive stories in analog forms). Our new imprint Phantom Mill Games is all about games and, well, still very new!

I’m bad at twitter and maybe worse at discord, so I’m excited for this place as it looks more my speed. So anyway, hi, very happy to be joining you here!


Hi all,

I’m WF Smith, but if you know me it’s probably as Prismatic Wasteland, author of the blog of the same name and an occasional tweeter of mild takes . I wrote a little adventure called Big Rock Candy Hexcrawl and my next project is coming soon to a Kickstarter near you! Feel free to tag me in conversations, I’m notoriously bad at checking in unless I’m directed by little red circles with numbers inside.


Hey everybody,

I’m bordercholly. I live in Upstate NY, work in a library, and like to draw, make things, and play music.

I made Knights of the Road and you can check out my music here.


Hi! I’m Amanda or HopefulWeirdWonder in the OSR blogspace. I’m new to the scene but have played games since Dragonstrike as a kid (old TSR kid D&D game).

I’m a GM in several games, a lover of rpg books and DM advice and a novice mapmaker. I love how creative everyone is in this scene.

Here’s my blog I write on occasionally:


Heyo, I’m Brent, or Glassboy, or Glass Bird Games. Been RPG obsessed for a long time, but just started trying to make things in earnest this spring. I’m from the midwest, live in Washington, and flute toot in my free time.


Hello everyone! I’m Erik, working on my first rpg with a friend. I started playing games 40-odd years ago and I feel like the current era of games is the best since my youth. I’m a New Englander stuck in the South. I’d say I’m a musician but I make noise.


Driver’s license says my name’s just “Victor”, but a bunch of sharp creative types like you will figure it out soon enough. I’m in my forties, been gaming since 1993 and failing to break into the tabletop industry since 2006. I’m very good at taking grandiose, crazy ideas and making them make sense and very bad at the small detail-oriented tasks that make them work. Like my favorite trollan trollop is fond of saying, “I have many irons in the fire,” and I occasionally even think about working on them.

Got my start in AD&D, dutifully switched to 2e and then Player’s Option and then 3e and then 3.5-- and then about when the bloom started falling off the 3.5 rose, I got an opportunity to work on a different game entirely, and when that didn’t pan out, all the little qualms I’d had about the ruleset refused to be ignored. Despite never having played Classic D&D in my youth… with fresh eyes, I realized that I liked it quite a bit better than AD&D (or modern D&D) and have been screwing around with a lot of B/X style rules.

My perfect, idealized form of D&D would be a combination of the Rules Cyclopedia, the Player’s Option series, and Dragon Fist with splashes-- carefully curated splashes-- of third-party PF and official WotC D&D.

Current Projects: Exactly that in “generic D&D” and Shroompunk flavors, plus The Oathbreaker King: A Shroompunk Tale (hopefully, my first novel). “What’s Shroompunk?” I’m glad you asked: Shroompunk is my life’s work, my attempt to codify and revitalize they style of D&D I learned to play in the early Nineties, from my DM who’d learned it that way in the Air Force in the early Eighties. It’s also (loosely) a campaign setting based on that playstyle, represented by reimagining the worlds of Super Mario Bros and Masters of the Universe through a Weird Tales/Heavy Metal lens.

May or may not be trying to learn basic digital game development to hammer out an overly-ambitious roguelike based on this same setting/premise.

I’ve got some other projects on the backburner for now, because I desperately need to leave them on the backburner if I’m ever to hope of accomplishing any one thing. I’ve got a space opera thing based on Star Wars and DOOM and and an ugly hatchet-job of a white paper for a retroclone of Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game and a million other neat ideas my brain just won’t let go of.


Hello! I’m Alessio and I’ve discovered The Cauldron and the NSR Discord server through @zeruhur.

I cooperate with the Italian Translation Alliance to bring more OSR and NSR games in our native language.


Hello, I’m Alfred Valley (of the Haus of Valley). I made that Lay On Hands game.

I live in London, UK.


Hey, I’m Jason. I self-publish RPGs as Pretendo Games. I like to make RPGs inspired by my favorite video games (especially Dark Souls, Mass Effect, and Fallout), hack Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd, and show off how ancient I am by naming one of my games after the speed of my first modem (2400).


I am John, also AKA’d as Gaptooth from the World Wide Web. I know nothing.


I go by Gundobad or Gundobad_Games and I run a blog of the same name. I’ve written two little indie rpg resources (Brazen Backgrounds, a Bronze Age character background generator, and Hunters and Highwaymen, 30 NPCs with hooks for dark forest or the taverns in them). I run a mix of things, ranging from OSR to PbtA to other systems. I love me some rules-light action: Into the Odd and World of Dungeons are perpetual touchstones.

By day, I’m a scholar of late ancient and early medieval history/archaeology, and a college professor. So, basically, I get paid to talk about barbarians, which is sort of like being a professional GM. I like mixing real-world history and RPGs, but since the real stuff fills my head all day, I tend to view the past as a brilliantly complex ground for inspiration in games rather than a template demanding slavish imitation. :slight_smile:


Hi folks! I’m K-T, and I’m a terminal lurker. I’ve been playing various RPGs on-and-off for something like 10 years & I’ve played a variety of systems. I’m currently a player in an (infrequently-played) D&D 5e campaign, and I regularly take part in Lancer games on the Interpoint Station discord server. That said, the OSR/NSR is my current fascination, and I’m planning on starting up a Cairn open table campaign in the next few months- preparing for that is my current big project.



I’m Peter, but go by Jimmy Shelter on most of the web.

I have some games up on a solo journaling game about an ever changing city, and more fitting for NSR, a very small Tunnel Goons meets the Goonies hack, which I’m currently in the works of expanding.

Next to that I’m working on some adventures for the #AdventureJam, which will be probably some low level OSR/NSR adventures.


Hi everyone! I’m Chris Mennell, my pronouns are He/Him and I’m thrilled to be here. I blog at The Secret DM AND Lost in a Dungeon, I also run the BEYOND THE WEIRD blog, I co-own Kill Jester with @Ava, and my ADHD causes me to constantly start new projects, but I always mean well. I try to think like an anticapitalist in that I’m for worker’s rights and believe in people being paid fairly for their work, that work should always be paid, that people should be hired from marginalized groups and that those same people should also be promoted into important positions within a company. I believe Trans rights are human rights, that people are whatever they say they are, and that pronouns are important.


Name: Jeremy E. Abernathy
(often Captain Kudzu online, or J.E. Abernathy)
Pronouns: He/Him
Favorite Tabletop RPG or System: PbtA and OSR. In the past, Fate and other stuff.
I am a software developer but have an artsy background. I’m trying to grow as a GM (toward running public convention-style games) and want to publish some modules over the next couple years. I live in Atlanta, GA, U.S. Oh, also, I want to help bring attention to cool games from Japan. I only have one game published so far - Snakes in a Hotel, a diceless, statless one-shot aimed at brand-new players. Peace!


Hi all! I’m Robin. I try to write fun adventures for my players whenever I have time. Right now we’re working on a community zine. It’s quite a struggle to coordinate ~15 people with wildly different perspectives on the hobby, but I’m learning a lot! I will post it when we’re done.

I love trying out different games but when running them myself I prefer low prep OSR games such as Knave. I’m also a huge fan of DCC RPG. I may have gotten bit by the Mothership bug as well.

I (sometimes) blog over here. You can find some of my game material there.


I’m Oz, I write RPG stuff—including a very infrequent leftist RPG newsletter—and I run Rook’s Press.

Cool to see so many nice folks here.