Massive compilations of skills and their variations

I’m wondering if there are massive lists of various skills and their variations, of as many different genres as possible.


There are certainly lists, though you won’t find a lot linkable here as they are likely copyrighted.
@VanWinkle might know a resource.

@VanWinkle, can you help a guy out?

There are systems that are entirely based on skills. I think GURPS might be a go-to. There is a free GURPS-Lite game that lists some, but there’s also a big basic book and many, many, many sourcebooks to collect, each with extra, thematically appropriate skill lists.

Ah. Good idea. I forgot about GURPS.

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Hello! I would have suggested GURPS. The Lite version won’t have much. Why do you want so many skills? Most lists of skills are either redundant (repeating each other) or setting-specific.

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Because I want to curate a list of skills, with alternate wording to represent different genres. Ultimately, I’m not going to need a lot of skills, but, as you say, a lot of redundancy for genre purposes.

I’m also interested in having them not necessarily be a skill, so much as a broader grouping of skills. So, again, ultimately, skill will be the wrong term.

That said, I’m early in the process. So, I want to scuttle through a huge list to broaden my thoughts on the various options.

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FATE CORE has skills that are also things like “Physique”, which more represents how healthy you are rather than an actual skill. Older editions might have more (I think there was a sci-fi one that had the content free on a website.

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Oh! Lady Blackbird and it’s offshoots have large lists of skills! (And it’s all free!)

Off shoots? I know that other “playbooks” were printed. Is that what you mean?

There are the original 3 chapters: “Lady Blackbird”, “Magister Lor” and “Lord Scurlock”, but there are also fan made reskins and there’s an expansion for Lady Blackbird with more paths, skills, keys and secrets for extra customization. I used to have it, but it no longer seems to be on my computer.

Had to do some digging on Google, but I found the biggest thing I was looking for. It’s a third part/fan-made thing, but it definitely captured the feel and theme pretty well.

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Oh, that’s great! Thank you so much.

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