Meltingmoor: Design Preview

The world is not right. Where once there stood proud kingdoms, there is now nothing but ice and snow. Where once the nobility protected us, now they slaughter us in droves. And more and more, our children are born with parts not altogether human…

My upcoming fantasy adventure game Meltingmoor has mutant PCs and combat that’s resolved in one or two rolls per round, all wrapped up in a weird and wintery gothic frontier setting. Here’s a preview!


I love the concept o party HP/morale!

The premise for the setting immediately reminded me of early Magic the Gathering sets like Ice Age and Fallen Empires (pretty cool stuff IMO).

Thank you! I’m glad other people are excited about the party HP idea because it’s the most exciting idea to me, haha. Not that the mutations and the setting aren’t also fun to work on.

It’s funny you mention MTG because a friend of mine said the same thing and sent me some quotes from one of their lore things…

…fields still needed sowing and harvesting; thin laborers still shuffled out to gather grain under the stern eyes of supervisors. The price of bread and milk crept higher, livestock and game grew scarce, the wage one took home from working in the fields did not spend as well, and in the evenings the horizon far to the southeast never really darkened. Life continued in Terisiare, though the spring and summer seasons seemed to run shorter, the warm months compressing into warm weeks, and in winter, snow now fell in Penregon.

Everyone who witnessed the cataclysm—that is, everyone in Terisiare—knew the world had ended on that day. Then they woke up the next morning and found that life went on, only it never really seemed to change for the better. The best that people could hope for was that things did not continue to get worse.

So that’s in the inspiration folder now haha