Reavers of Mag: exploring agency in trauma

I’m writing a game with an explicit design intent that has evolved out of a vague idea about its rules and some more choate ideas about how traumatized people affect themselves and others.

The core of many ttrpgs is combat.

The core of this game is Magic, and the Marks that magic leaves on its users and on others.

This game is about traumas - such as those inflicted by capitalism and other crimes - and how those traumas spread like viruses.

It amuses me to charge for it. It also helps me pay the bills.


If you have not read The Body Keeps the Score and The Rape of the Mind I’d suggest dropping whatever you’re doing and read those.

I have read The Body Keeps the Score. Now that you mention it, the ideas from that book kind of motivated my take on magic as something that leaves Marks on the reavers who practice it, and on those around them.

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I wish you all the luck in the world! I designed mental Conditions for my game, Crescendo, based off my personal experiences and The Body Keeps the Score.