Slimming down Expedition to Barrier Peaks?

Hello! Some day, I’d like to try running Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, either in whole or parts. Most likely this would be using Into the Odd: Remastered. (So the PCs would be familiar with industrial-age technology, but the far-future tech would still be curious to them.) In my mind, I’d like to run it as an abstract point crawl and shorten the length a little. But … what would I cut? :smiley:

Questions for folks who have run or played this module:

  • How long or how many sessions does it usually take folks to play it?
  • What is more or less difficult on the GM side when running the Expedition?
  • Other than the Froghemoth botanical area, what are the coolest, most essential areas or elements within this module?
  • And … if you had to cut down the length, what are the weakest?
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The dungeon is huge, the map largely unkeyed. It’s really designed for tournament play so for a campaign game I might lower the level a fair bit (10+ 8th level PCs is hard to come by).

In general for contemporary online play in it could use: more entrances and exits (some unlocakable only from inside), explicit factions, smaller maps - you aren’t going to really be using square by square movement and that many empty rooms don’t help much). SO cut the empty space and make its decks more accessible from the start (I don’t remember challenge or reward really being set up with many multi-level access or navigation challenges).


Yes, yes, solid advice. Thanks! Also, I can’t imagine playing or running this tournament style! Hats off to everyone who did experience it that way.

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