What are you actually playing?

I am currently running DCO using my friend’s system called Dangerous Time. He has a draft of a new “edition” and I wanted to test it out.

Prior to that my friends and I finished small 4-session arc of Cartel, a PbtA game about narco-fiction. It’s a very well designed game, maybe one of the best examples of PbtA?

Session reports:


And perhaps a Solo adventure for Cairn - not sure which one yet, or if there is one. happy to take recommendations. Could try convert… but not sure…

@ManaRampMatt’s Barrow Delver spells out some solo rules for Cairn. And there’s lots of Cairn-specific material you could integrate from the ongoing jam.

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Thursday night D&D is still going strong.

Who are the Sigil 6 and what are they up to?

Friday Mothership is shifting to Friday Trophy Gold; we missed a few sessions and lost the thread of a challenging and cerebral adventure.

Streaming Godbound, about the death gods of the northern witch-queens, and World of Dungeons, about municipal delving to keep the city safe from the arcane detritus left behind by the Sorcerer Kings when they exited this world.

Daydreaming about the Northern Death Pantheon

In the Wake of the Sorcerer Kings

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Currently: 5E (Tomb of Annihilation)

Recently: two-shots of ANNA-X66, Into the Dungeon, and Electric Bastionland


I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to Good Society as a PbtA game before…

I just started running DCO last week… Using 1400 Below (a dungeon crawling hack of the 24XX systems).


Sorry, brain fart. I really meant “narrative game” or “story game” I guess subconsciously all those games are associated with PbtA to me.

But really the issue is “I have run exclusively OSR stuff since 2019 and before that ran 5e in an OSR style for years… How do I rewire my brain so that I can code switch between OSR and story games twice a week?”

At the moment, I’m playing in person Cairn in some oneshots using Nate Treme’s dungeon stuff.

However, I’m going to play a brief campaign – always in person – of Apocalypse World and Dogs in the Vineyard at the local gaming club.


Since my last post here, we’ve finished with some games and have rotated in others. The current line-up:

Mondays, weekly - GMing a game of The Pool in a hard-boiled Sin City-like setting
Mondays, every other week - DMing Slumbering Ursine Dunes using Moldvay/Cook B/X
Mondays, every other week (alternating with B/X) - playing Fifth Cycle

Wednesdays - just finished a more-or-less weekly game of The Pool set in a fantasy version of the Napoleonic Era that lasted ~ 18 sessions.

Thursdays, nominally weekly, though actually more like every other week - playing in a game of The Pool inspired by Japanese computer RPGs. This group also just put together characters for a game of Melanda: Land of Mystery that I am planning to run in the near future.

Fridays, every other week - GMing ongoing Tunnels & Trolls, nominally an open table, though it’s been the same core 3-4 people for the last several months. We just started into the first level of The Darkness Beneath megadungeon from Fight On! magazine.
Fridays, every other week - GMing a different group in my hard-boiled, Sin City-like setting using The Pool.
Many of the people in the Friday group were on vacation the last few weeks, so I’m GMing a short series of Lacuna in the place of T&T and The Pool until everyone gets back.

Saturdays, every other week - just finished up playing in a game of James Bond 007 that we started in March 2021. It had been a long term goal of mine to play this game properly (my brother tried GMing it when we were kids and it was not successful) and it was definitely worth it. We’re now switching up games and I’ll be playing in a Sorcerer & Sword game with the same group.

Sundays, every other month - continuing to GM Champions Now with my brother and our childhood friends all playing (the first game we’ve played together since 1999). This has been going on since March 2020 and we’ve really got a nice sense of the characters and how to make the game work for us. We’d play more often, but scheduling this one has been tough because all of us work the occasional Sunday night.
Sundays, every other week - just started playing Stormbringer, 1st ed. Fun so far: in two sessions we’ve managed to get in big trouble with a Sorcerer from Pan Tang.
I’m also starting to prep for another Lacuna game on Sunday nights.

Finally, I was GMing a fairly long-running game of Legendary Lives for some people in the Friday night group, but that has been on hold as we’ve been playing Tunnels & Trolls and The Pool instead. I’d like to get back to it, though, as we stopped right before what could turn out to be a climactic battle.


My ongoing 5e science fantasy campaign has progressed into DCO - the PCs are chasing an important NPC who is heading to the Observatory, and this led them into the flood. The game has consequently shifted gears from overworld hexcrawl into flooded lands. I had the absolute pleasure of blowing their minds with the pandemonium that is Carrowmore, and it was really cool watching people react to the decision tree in real time. Now they’ve left town and headed upriver with a couple of boats and hirelings and have started to figure out that this is a different set of challenges than your typical D&D dungeon.

I’m ten sessions into a Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign as a player and it is very fun, but from this side of the screen it is easy to see what makes investigation games hard to run. We have a set of leads but it’s challenging to know which of them to follow.

I’ve managed to play in a couple of one-shots of Alien RPG and I heartily recommend it for this. I’m not sure I’d recommend the system for a campaign since Mothership is probably a little less constraining, but the panic system is very easy to grok and the built-in PC buddy/rival system is great.

I’m playing in a 5e game set in Ravenloft sometime during the 2e days, which I’m utterly unfamiliar with. It’s made me realize that I’m really not interested in this system anymore without a significant amount of hacking. That said, I’m playing a lovable doofus of a kobold so the RP with the party is really fun.

Lastly, I started running an open table of Forbidden Lands using the Raven’s Purge campaign and it’s pretty exciting. It’s got a good mix of old-school motivation and inspiration with plenty of freedom for player creativity.


Making decent progress on what I am now calling Sagas of the Galaxy Rangers.

A dear friend is going to be running her first-ever campaign, using the Dresden Files game… so I feel morally obligated to come up with another one of my “technically canonical” screwjob characters. In particular, I’ve decided my character will be the first ever changeling produced by a new breed of wyld fae-- the greys-- but the exchange was horribly botched, the infant I was supposed to replace ended up dead, and the massive cultural backlash ended up warping the essence of my kith to accommodate tabloid journalism and pointless, tail-chasing conspiracy theories.

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It being summer (well… where I live anyway), I’ve enacted my summer rules. I’m running modules; open to all players on my server: some of which I’ve been playing with for years; some for days.

We’re currently playing The Frost Spire by Jacob Hurst, using my IN DEVELOPMENT ruleset, 1420.

I’m also putting up new actual play episodes asap. If that’s your jam, you can listen to the first couple episodes… the latest of which was recorded today… and should be on your pod app of choice NOW. Or listen from my blog: World of Brine | rpg blog & actual play podcast


In addition to the two MHR games and the Dresden Files game above, I’m also planning on starting some kind of open table “space D&D” game at my local gaming shop-- probably with White Star, since I can give away copies fairly painlessly.


Currently playing in a homebrew 5e campaign, though I’m also playing Cairn solo.


The new school year means new class games. Kicking things off with 2nd grade and our Friends in the Clubhouse adventure series. We started today: The Bearded Belgian's Playground: The Clubhouse Chronicles #1: The sick friend (Roleplaying in class)

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Hi! Just found out about this place.

I’m currently running an open table B/X game on Discord called Wasted Lands.

Mostly inspired by Thundarr, Pirates of Darkwater, Empire of the East, The Dying Earth, Dune, A Link to the Past, and Breath of the Wild.


You had me at Pirates of Darkwater :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the cauldron!

We’ve been running 150 or so weekly session in Stonehell. It’s hands down the most consistent and focused campaign I have ever taken part of. The original spare bone story of the megadungeon module has taken a magnificient leaps of it’s own and moved far beyond the scope of the original story.

We started with LL and moved to OSE at some point and employ thoroughly hacked system for online play (custom combat systems and dice roller site etc)

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Oh yeah! Darkwater infestations from space, crazy sorcerers running around uncovering ancient technologies. It’s a hoot.