What die mechanic do you want turned into visuals?

Hi! Lately I’ve been messing out with Javascript making “odds tables” like this:
dX dY odds
Xd6 odds

I’m interested in taking on some small projects from you guys, so:
What die mechanic would you like me to visualise?


What about opposed 2d6 rolls (each side rolls 2d6, higher wins) ?

Not to steal Gardens’ thunder, but there is this:



Aye aye!
2d6 opposed odds
d12 opposed odds
d12 2d6 gif

Made a gif as well comparing it to d12 opposed, as I was wondering last night on chat.
2d6 seems to feature diminishing returns for each +1, as well as a higher tie chance.


Um, this one’s so crazy I’m not sure where to start … Yahtzee. 5d6, save, re-roll, save, re-roll. Looking for streaks (1-5, 2-5, 1-4), matches (3+ of any number), and … yeah, let’s start there? Not sure how possible it is - apologies, it’s just one of those mechanics that haunt me!

Whew, that’s quite complex, and it involves decisions about what to roll and when. There’s Yahtzee odds already done out there, no? I found this link with a nifty table at the end for example

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Do you know how to model Forged in the Dark-style d6 dice pools? To be specific, I’ve been toying with the idea of advantage/disadvantage that isn’t related to adding or subtracting dice. Currently, I’ve landed on:

  • Roll as normal, but reroll any 6s (disadvantage) and keep the result (including any new 6s that come up as part of this reroll)
  • Roll as normal, but reroll any 1s (advantage) and keep the result (including any new 1s)

Ooo, interesting! I’ll get on that.

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Aaand we’re done. Interesting as hell. It seems to absolutely kill crits and successes on disadvantage, but not have a massive effect on advantage. Which sort of makes sense, intuitively (unless I got something wrong): 1 in 6 chance for each to come up a 1 on adv., and then another 1 in 6 chance to influence the highest, unless it’s a crit already.
bd6 advantage

You *are fast. Thank you!
I think that feedback makes perfect sense. Hindering crits is part of what I’m after, on disadvantage, but not quite that extreme. I’d like to see a slightly better “bump” on advantage, too.
I don’t need another visualization for the next iteration, but the next time I run another FitD game, I’ll playtest rerolls on 1-2 for advantage and 5-6 for disadvantage (which gives them a chance of “upgrading” a mixed-success to a 6, potentially). The other relevant data I’d get from a live test would be: Is this easy to teach? And does it feel significant but still fair, at the table?
If I feel good about some live feedback, I might come back here with my findings. #science!

To change it to odds for “reroll 1/2 or 5/6” would take 30 seconds, do you want that?
Edit: here it is
bd6 advantage2

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Awesome - thank you!

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