Meteor Corp - Corporate Sci-Fi Cairn Hack (Ashcan)

Meteor Corp is my Cairn hack with the intended use of playing Mothership modules without using actual Mothership.

It is still a work in progress and missing significant sections, but it’s playable as written so I thought it would be helpful to post it here to get feedback. I don’t plan to put it up on itch or publicize it until it’s more complete.

I’m running my own playtests, and will be updating as I do so.

Meteor Corp vs 01.1 (Bask in the glory of my placeholder art.)

Character Sheet


  • Easy on the fly conversion for MoSh modules (but not direct compatability).
  • Retaining very low “time to table” by making character creation fast, and making it very easy to run from the GM side of things.
  • Retaining class “flavor”, and making PCs distinct without complicating them mechanically.
  • Panic/Stress being a mechanical effect to retain MoSh feel, without using mental conditions, phobias, or other permanent elements.