Meteor - Corporate Sci-Fi Cairn Hack - Updated to Version 0.2

Update to the Ashcan I posted here.

Character Sheet

In short: A way for me to run Mothership modules without actually running Mothership. Optimized for quick “time to table”, easy on the fly conversion, and capturing my take on the intended feel of Mothership.

It’s not a hugely substantive update, in terms of rules changes or new things added, but the equipment and weapons lists are totally revised.

The next update, which will include the Ship Rules, will probably be moved to itch. And also might start a slow burn “itch funding” sort of deal. I’ll always be happy to give out rules for free to anyone who wants to playtest, and I expect to have an SRD similar to eventually.

Changlog from version 0.1:

  • Added ART
  • Significantly changed layout in anticipation of future printing requirements.
  • Removed Backgrounds (for now?)
  • Special → Talent
  • All classes now get 2x Random Skills, and 2x Undefined Skills
  • Class specific Skills are now choice of 2 of 4, none of the Class Skills appear in the Random Skill list.
  • Changed all Class default equipment.
  • Totally redid all equipment loadouts. Intent is that they now each form a specific character or role, to make them feel more coherent (at least to me, possibly this makes no difference to the reader).
  • Prior Synth Talent is now just their Panic rules.
  • New Synth Talent: Inventory slots with augmentations can also store Fatigue.
  • The “Computer Access Jack” Augmentation is now Synth only, and does not appear on the Augmentations list.
  • Removed “stun” from weapons, instead they are just “nonlethal” which is defined as an attack tag alongside “blast”.
  • Defined the term “Direct Damage” which is when damage overflows and reduces Body. Direct Damage triggers a save to avoid Critical Damage. I find this helps me write other rules bits a bit more clearly.
  • Fixed some errors on the class spreads
  • Expanded “search the body” table from 20 to 50 items.
  • Updated character sheet (mainly reformatted the reverse side)

Things Still To Do:

  • Add Space Ship Rules (first draft nearly done)
  • Ship “character” Sheet
  • Add GM Advice Section
  • Make printer friendly and “blank” versions of character sheets.
  • Expand GM Advice
  • Warp Mishaps table
  • Write an explicit conversion table going from 0e/1e MoSh stats to Meteor.
  • Add small sample adventure
    • Eventually expand to sample Star System with several locations
  • Write play example
    • Lengthy play example of an entire session/mission. Footnotes to call out use of specific rules or GM advices. Rules/GM advice can then reference those bits directly.
  • Die Drop Star System Generator
  • Die Roll Space Station Generator (a la Wallet dungeons)

As always feedback is lovely!