Meteor Corp - Corporate Sci-Fi Cairn Hack (Ashcan)

Meteor Corp is my Cairn hack with the intended use of playing Mothership modules without using actual Mothership.

It is still a work in progress and missing significant sections, but it’s playable as written so I thought it would be helpful to post it here to get feedback. I don’t plan to put it up on itch or publicize it until it’s more complete.

I’m running my own playtests, and will be updating as I do so.

Meteor Corp vs 01.1 (Bask in the glory of my placeholder art.)

Character Sheet


  • Easy on the fly conversion for MoSh modules (but not direct compatability).
  • Retaining very low “time to table” by making character creation fast, and making it very easy to run from the GM side of things.
  • Retaining class “flavor”, and making PCs distinct without complicating them mechanically.
  • Panic/Stress being a mechanical effect to retain MoSh feel, without using mental conditions, phobias, or other permanent elements.

Hello I just read thru your game. I like it, it’s a nice ItO version of Mothership. I will try it soon with the adventure LZ13.
I have some questions :

  • why do you halve Luck ?
  • if you do not have a skills you can’t attempt a Save?

The reason for Luck is also the answer to your second question.

The way I have Abilities split is:

Body for things that involve your innate strength, speed, etc.

Training for things you learned how to do.

Resolve for basically Panic/Fear Saves.

Which leaves a gap of things that are not just parts of your physical body, and things that you haven’t learned to do.

That gap is filled by Luck. It’s for things you aren’t Skilled in, and for things that aren’t just your speed or strength.

If you want to try hacking a computer to do something, but you never actually learned how to program, you’d roll Luck to see if there’s still just a chance you manage to muddle through. It can also be used for things that are outside of your direct control, but have an element of chance involved.

In short: Luck Saves are for things that would use Training, but you don’t actually have a Skill to let you do so.

Also depending on how soon you play to run the game, I have a new version in the works that rewrites all of the equipment and items. I can try to get you a WIP version of that if you want. In any case, thanks for taking a look! I’m very interested to hear your game goes!

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I’d certainly enjoy that.


Thaks for your anwers. I will test the game next monday with LZ13 adventure. so if you have a newer WIP version I’m all in :slight_smile:

I’ll at least be able to get you (and anyone else who wants it) the text by then, possibly also an actual layout version.

The Ship Rules are nearing a “complete enough to show people” status, but probably won’t be ready to be included by then.

for my playtest it doesn’t matter . the adventure is not involving ships

@Danger_Is_Real and @tonezime new version is up over here on a new post (I can’t edit the OP of this one).